OSCON in association with Gulf Madhyamam has initiated a special program for Non Resident Keralites to safely settle back home. This will make you to to have a safe, peaceful and comfortable home-life with better income and prestigious position.

Based on a state survey conducted by an expert panel across Kerala, we have huge data of potential investment plans particularly matching to each area considering local impacts and feasibility in Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.

Grants and Schemes

Government of india has several schemes and grants for various industrial sectors ranging from 35 to 90% under different ministries. ‘Grant Thornton’ the authorised International agency for processing the project, applications and finalising the grant is our associate to support you in the project. Many industrial investment projects in Food Processing, Food Park, Agro Industries, Printing, Textiles and Garments, Cold Chain stores, Plywood, Training etc are available for heavy grants by GOI. Your Investment is minium 10-50% in all projects.

We understand considering the present situation in the Middle East, that many of you are looking for an opportunity to shift your focus back to India for a better settlement, for wiser investment and a decent engagement.

  • Explore with OSCON
  • An idea of your interest, experience and budget
  • Plan to invest but need advise on the matter to finalize
  • Looking for suitable partner/s to join for Joint Venture
  • Want to consult with experts to evaluate your potential
  • Explore the possibility of new start-ups
  • Need advice on profitable investment with good income
  • Know more about Government supports, Schemes and Grants
  • Prepare Project Report and arrange Financial supports
  • How to plan a large business with minimum investment
  • Suggestions for outright purchase/merger of running ventures
  • Getting updates on projects/business available for exchange
  • New Industrial Policy and recent changes

Connect with OSCON for the services

1. Investment Opportunities in Kerala — Industries suitable to Kerala environment/ Small and Medium projects/Sick Units rehabilitation/ Mergers and Joint Ventures/Procurement of existing industry-business/Most potential and value added projects in Kerala Traditional products.

2. Govt.Supports and Promotions - Special Schemes/Grants (government grantsupto 90% )/ Tax Rebates/Allocation of Land and building/NRI Supports etc.

3. Licenses and Approvals - Govt. Licensing procedures/ K-Swift the single window clearance/ New Labour regulations/Tax and Registrations/Other clearances/Finance and Funding.

4. Priority Sectors and Projects — Kerala friendly priority sectors and industries/Special Grants and supports/ presentation of sample projects with various budgets.

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